• Just like you promise to care for and protect the health of your animals, we promise to produce feed that is precisely formulated for optimal nutrition. And we don’t swap out ingredients for cheaper ones when the market changes (that’s not the case with many commercial feed producers). Speaking of ingredients, we source them as locally as possible because that’s the best way to ensure quality and consistency in all our products.

  • Offering the ideal balance of nutrition, affordability, and availability, we made Healthy Harvest for small farms like yours, providing a wholesome diet that helps all your fine-feathered, furry, fuzzy, hairy, and wooly friends feel good, and maybe even a little bit frisky.

    Choose Healthy Harvest for a farm well-fed.

Our Mission

Always provide better farm animal health through proven nutrition.

Nutrition Above All.

We have carefully formulated our feeds to meet the unique needs of your animals. Our tried-and-true formulas don’t change, allowing for consistent, proven nutrition in every bag.

We’re All Ears.

The trust our customers put in our products is sacred. We treat their feedback (and feedbags) with the utmost care and responsiveness.

Wholesome Inside and Out.

We’re not just nurturing the health of animals, we’re also helping strengthen the bonds between people and their farm friends, which makes for a happier, healthier life.

Love Local.

We source our ingredients as locally as possible in order to support local farmers and ensure that our products are safe and nutritious for your animals.

  • If at any time our products or service don’t live up to your expectations, we want to know about it so we can make it right.