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Wholesome feed for better health

All our feed varieties have been carefully formulated to provide optimal nutrition for the good health of your animals.

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Animal nutrition is our bag

Keeping a backyard barnyard is a life-enriching experience. It can also add up to a hefty workload with a checklist of things to tackle every day. Lucky for you, figuring out what nutrition your barn buddies need isn’t one of them when you choose Healthy Harvest.

“I may not have the most discriminating palate, but when it comes to Healthy Harvest, literally eat it up.” 

— Henry —

“Healthy Harvest is my goat-to feed.” 

— Blossom —

“I like—neigh— love this brand.” 

— Stormcloud —

  • “I may not have the most discriminating palate, but when it comes to Healthy Harvest, literally eat it up.” 

    — Henry —

  • “Healthy Harvest is my goat-to feed.” 

    — Blossom —

  • “I like—neigh— love this brand.” 

    — Stormcloud —

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